Trump is never afraid to throw shade so it’s no surprise that he clapped back at the idea of ‘Oprah 2020’.

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Recently, Oprah blew the world away with her Golden Globe acceptance speech sparking the idea that she might be the next ray of hope the United States desperately needs. Being the renaissance woman that she is, Oprah has earned the respect and trust of a good portion of the American public. However, it’s no surprise Trump is not a part of that equation.

In an interview, Trump was asked how he felt about Oprah running for President in 2020. He bluntly stated “yeah I’ll beat Oprah” arms crossed not looking the least bit concerned leaving the impression that he’s either unbothered or extremely bothered.


The Oprah presidency rumors started circulating after she eloquently stated, “A new day is on the horizon”. That single statement was enough for people everywhere to grapple with the fact that politics could yet another arena that Oprah could dominate in.

Whether the speculations are true or not, it’s safe to say that Oprah will succeed in the political arena without Trump’s blessing. NBC tweeted a photo showing a smiling Oprah with the caption, “Nothing But Respect For Our Future President”, showing how Trump’s disapproval rating could soon come to bite him in the behind.

We won’t know for-sure what Oprah has up her sleeve for 2020, but one dream in the meantime right?