Words by Nick Slay

Meryl Streep shows she has a quirky sense of humor while taking a fun jab at Mariah Carey.

For those of us that grew up on Mariah Carey, she undisputedly holds the ‘Diva’ crown in the music industry. So when Meryl Streep called out the VH1 Divas, we all gave pause and took notice. While on a recent episode of the popular late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Streep spills the beans on the rumor that the “Honey” singer hijacked her seat! Adding with characteristic wit and staging to the audience and turning to the crowd with swag and bravado, for a big laugh,

“B***h stole my seat!”

The Post star continued:

“I come over and you know there she was next to Spielberg sucking up, [motioning that it’s her seat with a thumbs up and click]”

For Streep it was all love, as Mariah Carey apologized saying they made her quickly take a seat.

Meryl Streep explained they do these big countdowns between brakes, so you have no choice to immediately sit down when filming of the broadcast resumes. Kimmel compared it one big game of musical chairs as Streep blushed and the audience roared in laughter. It seems like there was no shade intended, the former 2x Golden Globe Award winner  just took the opportunity to make light of the situation. Some people are trying to turn this into a race issue or lack of women’s solidarity in the wake of the aptly named ‘Oprah for 2020’ speech.