Last month, Dame Dash announced the completion of his independent film, Honor Up starring himself, Cam’ron and Stacey Dash with Kanye West as the executive producer, and the official trailer is finally here.

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Honor Up, which has been in the making since 2015, has gone threw several types of strife including an attempted lawsuit and two title changes. Stacey Dash, who is the cousin of Damon Dash, bashed her cousin for using her for the film’s promotion back in December, accusing him of using their blood ties for the promo. She took to Twitter after Dame shared the official movie poster on his Instagram to express her discernment. Dash reportedly filed a lawsuit to expunge any documentation of her participation in the film. According to Dash, no one from the camp of both Dame and Ye were given permission to use her name or photo for the film.


From the looks of the official trailer, Stacey’s character is very much instrumental to Honor Up’s plot and she is seen fully participating in acting out the part. Over the past couple of years, the behavior and rhetoric of Stacey Dash has been blatantly anti-black. It has reached an extent to where the black community has “disowned” her after several cases of offensive commentary towards her own kind which include denouncing Black History Month, endorsing Mitt Romney and Donald Trump in past presidential elections-transformed conservative, demanding the demise of BET, and many other unfortunate instances.

So far, since the release of the official trailer, neither Stacey or Dame Dash have spoken on the matter. So, there’s a great chance that once again, Stacey was just using her ability to type words on her smartphone that day. It is somewhat obvious that Stacey is an official cast member of the film, being Dame publicly ignored her rejection of the film the first time, and did it again with the release of the trailer. Maybe the silence is Stacey’s attempt at revamping her black card?

Styles P, Murda Mook, and Smoke DZA also star in the film and Love and Hip-Hop‘s Juju also makes a bracing appearance. Honor Up which is set to hit theaters on February 16. From the looks of the trailer, this hood action/crime film is full of juice! Watch the trailer for Honor Up, below!