Nothing is more amazing than seeing Cassie being Cassie and totally owning her best angles on the camera. Recently she released a song titled “Don’t Play It Safe” with Montréal producer Kaytranada. Now the smooth number gets a video treatment.

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The video captures Cassie moving elegantly slow-mo in illustrious settings going from top floor to the pool-side where she is accompanied by several different types of wild life; birds, a tiger, jellyfish and more.

As always Cassie doesn’t lack in proving her awesome fashion sense. To balance her sassier looks, she confidently struts in a long fur coat as she walks through the city at night in her boots. Switching between that to rocking looser fitting denim with a cropped zip-up jacket and over-sized hoops. Keeping her looks minimal but classy with a sprinkle of tomboy. At which point you forget which one is better the song or the video. Courtesy of Montreal-based producer Kaytranada whose midas touch adds another level of awesomeness to the vibe.


Peep the video below.