Aspiring rapper, Cedric Miller chose to rob a Wingstop in Memphis, Tennessee on Friday (Jan 5) to get the attention of rapper Rick Ross along with a possible record deal.

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Rick Ross is the owner of a few Wingstop franchises, so it’s no surprise that he would be such a huge target. According to news reports, 23-year-old Cedric was arrested on Monday for attempted robbery. He told the store manager that he was trying to get on the “Rap mogul’s radar.”

Miller and an accomplice allegedly held up the spot at gunpoint, but left empty handed after they failed to get the register open, according to WREG. By Monday morning, police received a tip from a Wingstop employee who identified the suspect.


“That’s a ridiculous way to get someone’s attention. How are you going to get his attention after sitting in jail?” customer Cameron Blaine said.

Rick Ross has not yet responded to WREG for comments yet.


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