Garrett Zoukis is barely old enough to go to a bar but he has already accomplished more than most artists achieve in a lifetime. At the age of 21, he has released two mixtapes, toured with nationally recognized artists and released his debut album, EUNOIA, while on winter break from his sophomore year of college. Entering the University of Cincinnati as short stop for their division one baseball team, Zoukis exposed that he is no stranger to hard work. Recent interest from record labels have shown that Zoukis’ work ethic is paying off and the majors are taking notice. We sat down with Zoukis to get a deeper understanding of what trials and tribulations he faces with juggling a rigorous course load with the demanding schedule of a budding musician.

What takes priority between school and music?

I work hard to try to give both my best effort. If there’s ever a conflict I usually go with music, school will always be there but some of the opportunities presented to me through music won’t. Also, shoutout to the teachers who are cool with me missing class and stuff to pursue a dream, the real ones!

Diddy posted videos of his son’s birthday party in LA and you were spotted there partying with Odell Beckham Jr. and Rae Sremmurd, how did you find yourself in that situation?

My manager brought me. One of the cooler events I’ve ever been to, for sure.

How do events in LA compare to events that you go to or perform at in Cincinnati and the DMV?

Hard to compare that party to anything but the biggest difference is probably the guest list. So many notable people out in LA, bound to see some big names if you’re in the right spots.

What keeps you focused enough to earn good grades in school when you are submerged in music and the culture that surrounds it?

One word? Adderall. – Kidding, For me it comes down to doing what you have to do. There’s definitely times I’m tired from traveling and don’t wanna even think about school but I know I have to knock out some work, so I just throw in some headphones and grind it out.

While making EUNOIA, did any aspects of the seemingly melancholy school day inspire your lyrics?

My music is a direct reflection of my life, but I wouldn’t say I wrote anything specifically about school.

You posted pictures on Instagram of yourself in meetings with record labels while your peers were back in classes for the semester, how did they react and would you take a break from school if your work schedule demanded it?

I had a lot of people calling and texting me telling me they’re proud and asking if I was coming back to school at all, which I did. It’s definitely dope to see my hard work paying off and if the opportunity was the right fit for me I don’t think I’d have a problem taking a break from school.

Which track do you think your classmates will connect with the most and why?

Where Did It Go. Just a real song. Everyone grows up, everyone has those “where did the time go” moments. A ton of people have let me know they were really vibing with that record.

Stream EUNOIA below and buy Garrett Zoukis’ debut album here.