Words by Nick Slay

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With the midterm elections looming, only one person could upset the comfortable majority that Republican Party has enjoyed during the Trump administration, Barack Obama.

The dream scenario for any president is to have his party be in control of the Senate and the House of Representatives. With the GOP in control of both house in congress President Trump as been able to finally overhaul the tax system in America, finally inflict a major wound to Obamacare, and have the FCC disintegrate net neutrality. However, with Trump’s approval ratings in the sewer (the lowest of any president in this century), the return of Obama to the political arena could deal a major blow to Republicans seeking re-election in November.


Outside of the TMZ snaps of the former POTUS enjoying some much needed vacation time jet-setting around the globe after the stress and scrutiny of being America’s first black president, the 44th president has be mostly under the radar. His spokesperson Katie Hill told the Chicago Tribune that Obama will “continue to be politically active in 2018, with more endorsements and more campaigning.” Keeping to his vow that he would remain politically relevant and work with and endorse candidates who sought to preserve his legacy and signature accomplishments. With the former president’s favorability rating at 60% post presidency, that could potentially shake things up, especially since in the historically red state of Alabama where the Barack has a higher approval rating than the sitting president. This coincides with Doug Jones upset of Republican Roy Moore (who Trump supported then discarded when he lost) who was already under fire for his racist statements and child/women abuse accusations.

If the clash of presidential brands that ended with the election of Democrat Ralph Northam in the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial election is any indication, the Republicans will have a hard fought uphill fight even in southern or traditional red states. Even the republican candidate Ed Gillespie refused Trump’s support, even going as far as saying he didn’t ask for endorsement. If you remember he didn’t retweet the president’s now infamous tweet that was an attack on sanctuary cities and a blatant attack on Salvadorians aligning them all with the violence  of MS-13 gangs.

Obama’s infectious personality and successful presidency could be all the brand candy needed for the Democrats to make a big impact in the midterm elections.