The city of Wilmington, Delaware is standing loud and proud about how their own, Rell Jerv is serving serious superstar vibes on new musical competition show The Four hosted by hip-hop’s Diddy, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, Charlie Walk and Fergie.

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Last night (Jan. 18), Rell made his nationwide debut on The Four as the first challenger when he performed his own song “Pools” sending the masses into a grand hype of fascination. Of course, Rell specializes in the hip-hop genre as a rapper, and unlike your average SoundCloud or Twitter rapper, this dude can actually serve lyrical clarity.

The Delaware native lured the crowd, including panelists, into jam mode as he began to spit along his self-made electrifying track, showcasing an impressive mark in a representation of the modern day hip-hop artist. It is evident Jerv is an abstract lyricist who hones a smooth approach and signature stage presence. Social media went abrupt over Rell’s performance, insisting he brought an unexampled vibe to the competition that is evident to be essential, unlike his competitor Cheyenne Elliot, who many say gained traction only because of the fact her aunt is the great Dionne Warwick. Fellow competitors Jason Warrior, Candice Boyd and Cheyenne were rocking to Rell’s performance, while contestant Zhavia projected a face of doom.


Jerv gained rather affirmative feedback from the star-studded panel. Meghan favored the fact that she was able to understand the words he spat but advised the rising star to “loosen up” a bit in his stage presence. Charlie Walk, who gave head nods throughout his performance, voiced how hip-hop music is the number one consumed genre. Diddy, whose commentary was probably the most laudable, noted how it was easy to distinguish the influences of other rappers in his performance. Rell has expressed his influences to be legends in the likes of Jay-Z and new-school sensation Kendrick Lamar. Diddy loved the fact that seconds into the song, he was able to hear and see the persona of Rell Jerv.

In the concluded judgment, Jerv received four yeses, granting him the chance to choose his challenge. The Delaware emcee made the decision to challenge the songstress Cheyenne, and his choice was triggered by her victory in the previous week against fellow rapper Lex Lu. Elliot went on to perform Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball,” a song that exhibited her favorable vocals, but Jerv retaliated with another original song, “I Own It.” The fact that this boy writes and performs his own material and executes it in a strong effective manner was good enough to send Ms. Elliot home-whether Warwick is her auntie or not. Rell Jerv is an organic crowd rocker and a people’s favorite who is now an official member of The Four. Congratulations to the rising hip-hop star!