Words by Roman White

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Smack/URL battle league announced Saturday that Hollow da Don will battle Arsonal da Rebel in a rematch of two battle rap elites. Arsonal, for a while, was teasing retirement from battle rap, having had a long career battling some of the best in the culture from Hitman Holla, Conceited and Calicoe to the more seasoned veterans like Loaded Lux. In fact, Arsonal’s battle with Loaded Lux on Arsonal’s UDubb battle league platform was supposed to be Arsonal’s last battle, but it seems like Smack made an offer he couldn’t refuse.

As for Hollow, he is coming off a battle against Baltimore MC Tay Roc whose stock has risen consistently the past two years. The winner of the battle was for fans to decide, but Hollow even as one of the most elite battlers shows no fear in jumping in the ring with any challenger.


Ars and Hollow first battled during the Fight Klub days, and fans tend to lean in Arsonal’s direction when asked who won the battle. Fellow Newark, New Jersey rapper Tsu Surf even addressed this battle in his own battle with Hollow saying, “H-O-L-L-O-W that’s how you got your name? Nah, Arsonal beat you’re a** in other words you ate yo’ L on the low that’s how you got your name.”

There have been rumors on whether the two would ever have a rematch, as Hollow Da Don has been on a whole new level since their first meeting. Arsonal in his 2010 battle with Hitman Holla said, “someone tell the [Don] I don’t do rematches.” But that position changed as Hollow became more prominent although Hollow said as well that he felt a rematch wouldn’t “make sense” to have.

Both artists seem to have changed their minds with this announcement coming out. The date of the event will hopefully be announced sooner than later as fans make their predictions of who will win the three round bout.