Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu

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Last month, the owner of the Panthers, revealed his desire to sell his share of the NFL team. The announcement of the sale prompted Diddy to express his desire to purchase an team, which would allow him to become the first black majority owner within the National Football League.

Diddy’s desire to purchase the NFL team immediately inspired support on all sides and now he has received the backing of Democratic congressman Gregory Meeks who represents Diddy’s home state of New York.


“That would be fantastic,” Meeks noted in a recent run-in with TMZ. “All ownership in all professional sports need to be more diverse.”

Although he backs Diddy, he suggested that he would love to see him purchase and renew a New York team like the Jets. “Now, I would be rooting against him, because I’m a New York Giants fan. I wish he was looking at maybe a New York team, “ he joked. “Maybe he could turn the Jets around.”

Diddy has further expressed his serious aspirations to purchase a team and he has revealed on the Breakfast Club that he is gathering a potential group of owners to get the prospect moving.

“It was never about me buying the Panthers, it was always about we. It was always about we need a team,” he explained. “I jumped out there to make sure that they understood that they have to consider some black ownership right now with 80%, 70% of the league being African American. Its just time.”