Words by Roman White

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Love and Hip-Hop Miami’s breakout star, Amara La Negra, paid a visit to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club Monday morning to discuss her experiences with colorism in the music industry.

Since the premiere of the new season of the Vh1 show, The dark skinned, afro rocking Dominican has gained new fans and support for standing up for herself when pressed by Miami based producer, Young Hollywood, about changing her appearance.


La Negra by standing up for herself, became essentially the spokeswoman against colorism with her passionate rebuttal to the producer saying, “not all Latinas look like J. Lo,” a stance that appears to have resonated with not only Latinas of a similar appearance but with African-Americans as well.

“We need to discuss certain things; we need to be judged off talent and knowledge not how we look,” La Negra told the Breakfast Club. “I shouldn’t feel obligated to change the way that I am or the way that I look.”

La Negra goes on to encourage those who strongly rebuke colorism to take a public stance against colorism. “Be vocal, and show the children to love your skin and embrace that. Let nobody feel like you’re not good enough,” says La Negra. “It’s beyond me. It’s really about a community of people who feel a way. Be vocal and support each other.

 The singer also acknowledges that colorism, or judging someone based off their skin complexion is not something that only exists with White Americans. La Negra acknowledges that colorism has no race as we saw with Young Hollywood who is Latino himself.

La Negra finishes up the interview talking about her upcoming music. After the shows premiere, La Negra announced that she had signed a multi-album deal with Fast Life Entertainment. The Latina singer says the music she is currently working on is more “Americanized” and she is excited about releasing new tracks.