Words by Nick Slay

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Some rappers still haven’t learned that posting yourself doing illegal activities on social media will get you arrested.

According to sources from TMZ and Pitchfork.com, Kodak Black’s last Instagram Live footage has put him in hot water. The rapper, who is currently on house arrest after returning home last June, decided to take to social media for a live post on January 18. As part of the stipulations of his house arrest Kodak is, “prohibited from possessing firearms and narcotics.” The results of the video could prove not only disastrous for Black’s career, but get him slapped with child endangerment charges as well.


Authorities became alarmed after his young child was shown in the vicinity of drugs and a handgun during an Instagram Live broadcast. As laid out in police documents, during the course of the video, a child was brought into a bathroom, where a weed was held “inches from the infant’s face,” and based on the footage a gun was also shown to be present. According to police documents, Kodak Black “failed to make a reasonable effort to protect” the child “from the immediate danger that a firearm and individuals with narcotics or under the influence of narcotics posed to the child.”

The alarming twist to this story (as if child endangerment and willingly showcasing himself breaking the rules of his house arrest wasn’t enough) Kodak may have also unwitting filmed himself getting arrested.  Based on the streamed footage a male voice can be heard stating, “Your phone is part of the search warrant,” with a stunned Kodak repeating in apparent disbelief: “My phone is part of the search warrant?”

The full video as published by a fan can be found here: