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Hip-Hop might have started out in the Bronx, but it is all over now and  fare mosse, fare soldi.

Recently Italian rapper Fabri Fibra latest album Fenomeno’s third single “Stavo Pensando A Te” going double platinum. As a project, Fenomeno has been blazing the charts producing hits like last year’s summer anthem “Pamplona’” featuring Thegiornalisti. So, it comes as no surprise that Fibra was recently listed as one of the top 10 selling artists in Italy for 2017 and that he receive the ‘Rap Icon’ award at the 2017 Italian MTV Awards.

Not one to allow momentum to dip, Fibra, just dropped a video for “Dipinto Di Blu” with Belgian born artist Laïoung and blessed fans with an eight-track EP, Fenomeno: Masterchef Masterchef… jumped off with the booming start with the release of ‘CVDM’ (Cazzo Vuoi Da Me?), which translates to “What The Fuck Do You Want From Me?,” a fiery track where Fibra reacts to his haters that no matter which direction they decided to take their music still have issues. Welcome to fame, my G.


If putting music out googobs at a time wasn’t enough to keep this Italian rap stallion going, Fibra has been busy teaming up with legendary sportswear company Fila to collaborate on his own range of streetwear, further cementing his iconic status.