August 2016, Ray J took Princess Love‘s hand in marriage. A year later, the newlyweds announced they were expecting their first child together. Both the bride and groom were stars of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

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Yet, a now deleted meme, post by Ray’s wife on Jan. 20, would lead some to ask: where is the love?

Six months pregnant, the wife and mother-to-be, would expect her husband to be on his way home soon,  if he’s not busy providing for his growing family.


Despite her feelings, it appears her husband stopped at a hotel for some extra camera time. Ray didn’t need the help of VH1. All he needed was a cell phone camera.

In this scene, he commenced to record himself spinning around a steamy bathroom. Unbeknownst to him, the room wasn’t steamy enough. Upon close examination, the video reveals a soft silhouette of a woman’s figure, visible through the foggy glass shower.  As he completed a full 360 spin with a cocky smile – the camera reflects off the foggy mirror behind him, also revealing another soft silhouette of a woman’s presence.

Princess Love may have been disappointed in her husband’s steamy solo scene. As a result she went to social media to share some wise words of advice. Suddenly, she began downsizing her Instagram feed. As a result, all pictures of  her husband–vanished.

The Jan. 20 post is no longer present. Pictures of Ray J have yet to return.

With a wife at home and a child on the way, we hope Ray can prioritize what is important in his life.

Fathers are needed now more than ever before. A note for the ladies: Teaching, leading, guiding and providing are the natural foundations of a real man. No one is flawless, but Ray J should keep his flaws off camera. Unless… the purpose of these marital problems is to spice up the next season of #LHHH.

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