Regardless of her size, or the time and place, Rihanna has always been a woman of style and grace.

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Her business resume is as decorative as her closet. Only a select few celebrities, can wear their resume all at once. To truly possess style one most be able to switch between styles with ease, for any given occasion. This is especially important for women. Over the years, the Bajan beauty has proven to us her “switch up” game is elite.

Since 2009, we have seen her draped in fine fabrics from the the biggest names in urban and designer fashion. In recent years she has coupled her Fenty Puma fashion line along with pieces from bigger established brands. Thus creating a multitude of astonishing looks for princess of pop /R&B.


Rihanna is fine in everything, it doesn’t what she wears. Even when she wants to be cozy, she’s still cute.

This past Sunday, Ri Ri was spotted strolling through JFK Airport.  Sporting a Gucci Hooded Nylon Down jacket, draped over a navy blue Champion sweatshirt, paired with navy blue sweatpants and chestnut brown UGGs.

Topped off with a navy blue baseball cap, oversized shades, accessorized with a Christian Dior handbag and a furry blue Fenty tote. With minimal makeup, we got a chance to appreciate the natural glow of her complexion, enhanced with a simple lip gloss.

Looking comfortable and common despite her $7900 red and blue patched monogram jacket. Her unconventional sense of style makes heads turn wherever she goes. Her combinations also show that it doesn’t take much effort to be stylish.

Rihanna is fine, regardless of what she wears, not only for her natural beauty, not just because her resume spans across music, fashion and cosmetics, She is fine, because of the confidence she emits.

Regardless of her size, or the time or place, Rihanna’s confidence makes her a woman with style and grace.

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