Fat Joe is known for speaking his mind, so when he stopped by Ebro Darden‘s show on Beats 1 radio with Dre (of Cool and Dre) to promote their upcoming album it was no different.

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While on the show, Ebro and Joe began discussing the current state of Hip-Hop and its progressiveness.

Ebro: Culture and things that matter in the moment many times because they are so forward people can see it. It’s too far out.


Joe: Yeah, I know all about it.

The conversation then transitioned to their thoughts and critiques on what needs to be changed in the game and the importance of loving the core of the culture, when Fat Joe pointed out Lil Wayne‘s influence on the new school of rappers.

“You hear all these little kids now who doing hip-hop music. Those is all Lil Wayne’s flows. Every last one,” Joe said. “Lil Uzi is a bad version of Lil Wayne. It’s not as good as Lil Wayne. Just to be honest with you. And he’s good and I like his songs.”

Although the critique seemed harsh, Fat Joe assures that his critique is not from a place of hate, but just an observation as a lover of the culture. Joe stated that he not only likes Uzi’s music but also purchased his XO Tour Lif3 album.

“Lil Uzi I got nothing but love for you. He ain’t as good as Lil Wayne,” Joe continued. “That’s impossible. Lil Wayne was considered — he’s one of the greatest. He’s a GOAT. Not only that he was lyrically considered the best rapper on earth for a couple of years. Lil Uzi Vert ain’t going to get that and it’s with no disrespect because I like Lil Uzi Vert and I like a lot of his records. I cannot front.  I actually bought his album.”

To clear up any confusion, Fat Joe made it clear that he is not dissing Uzi,  but instead used him an as example to back his argument of Lil Wayne’s influence.

“I didn’t sh** on Lil Uzi. I can’t say how much I appreciate him. I’m just saying Lil Wayne inspired generations of music,” Joe said.

Hearing of the ordeal, Lil Uzi Vert took to twitter and responded to Fat Joe with a two-worded tweet:

In other Fat Joe and Dre news, the duo also stopped by Hot 97 while promoting their new album and discussed the possibility of having 50 Cent, JAY-Z and Ja Rule on one album and eventually one stage.

“If 50 puts me on his album, I guarantee that I can make him the hottest rapper in the game,” Joe said. “It’s a gift I have. Look, I have been listening to 50 since Stretch and Bobbito, so I know where 50 as an artist is supposed to go.”

Catch the full Ebro Beats 1 Radio Show featuring Fat Joe and Dre today at 4pm.

Check out both clips below.