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Words by Roman White

The new host of Complex’s Everyday Struggle and former Hot 97 Radio Personality, Star, is off to a rough start with his new gig. In the second episode of Season 2, a previous comment the “shock jockey” made about Nadeska Alexis came to light which Nadeska felt the need to address on air.



In his podcast, Star in the Morning Star talks about Nadeska calling her a “hot b***h” and goes into a bit about sexual fantasies he wishes to fulfill with the Complex young veteran. The lewd comments were made before Star knew he would ever become co-host of Everyday Struggle, which made no difference to Nadeska, who as a staunch feminist was noticeably offended by the comments.


In one short question, Nadeska asks “Why?” as both DJ Akademiks and Star seem to laugh at the incident with Star’s laugh being more of an embarrassment laugh having not expected to address this on air.

Star did apologize to Nadeska for the comments saying that he never expected to be in the position he is now to be working with Nadeska and claims he never before referred to any woman as a b***h. As Joe Budden’s replacement concludes his apology on the set, he offers Nadeska an apology card and a reluctantly accepted fist bump.

Everyday Struggle is off to a very rocky start with not only co-host drama, but an apparent distaster for the new show. The first two videos of the new season, although the views don’t seem to be taking too much of a beating, the “dislikes” on the new episodes have more than doubled the amount of “likes” that the same videos have received. The premiere of the new season received 20 thousand dislikes compared to the 8 thousand likes it received.

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day. With Everyday Struggle essentially starting back from square one, it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes from here.