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As an illustration, it seems like Queens, New York was never big enough for two of her native sons.

Thankfully, Ja Rule and 50 Cent have lived to eventually laugh at one of Hip-Hop’s fiercest rivalries, making them legends in the process and ultimately intertwining their careers forever.

A deep seeded rivalry which has lasted nearly two decades. Ja Rule laid the bricks for Murder Inc. to eventually develop into a powerhouse. A house established in the late 90’s, which stood well into the early 2000’s.


Everything was cool, until 50 Cent came back around.

50 was a young upstart from the neighborhood who went relatively unnoticed in the rap world during the 90’s.  Though he had history with Jam Master Jay, ghostwriting for emcees like Sweet T and appearing on some Onyx joints, he didn’t really grabbed the industry’s attention until releasing “How To Rob,” a 1999 song which he jokingly rapped about robbing the entire music industry. In 1999, 50 was the underdog.

In contrast, Ja was scorching hot at the time.

Propelled by his debut album, Venni Vetti Vecci, which feature the hit single “Holla Holla” and his relationship with underground producer Irv Gotti, Ja (all 100 lbs of him) was a star.  Ja Rule did not only dominate the Queens rap scene, because of his pop success quickly became the face of N.Y. Hip-Hop.

But not everyone thought Ja was legit.

Before 50 Cent linked with Eminem, Dr. Dre and the Interscope crew, the Trackmaster flame-thrower went ham on Ja.  Aside from setting boundaries in the street for his foe, he mocked the Murder Inc. signature on “Life’s On The line”  by saying “Scream murder! (I don’t believe you!)” and just like that it seemed… people did not believe them.

Then suddenly the Hip-Hop landscape shifted on February 6, 2003. 50 Cent released Get Rich Or Die Tryin,’ an album which formally issued all out war on Ja Rule and Murder inc. Furthermore, tearing down the house Ja helped build, replacing it with a new home for G-Unit. The album was eventually certified diamond.

Ultimately, Ja tried to “Clap Back” after 50 attempted to make him “Back Down.” Despite finally answering 50’s barrage of insults, 50 Cent stepped further into the spotlight while Ja Rule faded from grace.

Despite settling their beef years back, Ja Rule’s recent outburst on Twitter indicates the beef has been reignited.

50 Cent, O’shea Jackson Jr and Pablo Schreiber recently visited Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Here, O’Shea detailed his first time meeting 50 Cent:

“I told 50 when I met him, ‘I like Ja Rule.'” I  was a fan. I digged it. I was into it,” he said, causing 50 Cent to laugh. “[50 Cent] came out, threw that CD right out my grandma’s car.”

Big Boy and fellow co-host dug a litter deeper, asking 50 if he and Ja had any “on sight stuff” and 50 simply responded, “I done put him to bed.”

As a result Ja Rule vented via Twitter… and truly went off with an incredibly homophobic rant blasting 50 on a sexual allegation made by ex-girlfriend Vivica Fox. While we won’t be sharing those, here is some straight comedy from his account: