Words by Nick Slay

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This gives a whole new meaning to world’s dirtiest jobs.

Let’s face it, a lot of people hate their jobs, and we have all heard the phrase, “It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.” For ex-assistant Sandeep Rehal, workplace conditions would make even the characters of, Office Space cringe.


Based on reports by the Hollywood Reporter, Rehal is suing Harvey Weinstein, his brother Bob, The Weinstein Company and the head of HR Frank Gil for being “forced to work in a pervasive and severe sexually hostile work environment,” claiming to have reached an emotional breaking point. Rehal quit in 2015, after working for the movie mogul for two years starting in 2013 when she was 26.

In the court filed documents, Rehal claims that much of her duties were to cater to Weinstein’s sexual appetite and activities, keeping a special list with asterisk starred (Weinstein) girls, keeping his erectile dysfunction meds stocked, and last but not least cleaning up Weinstein’s couch of “semen” stains after his encounters with women. Which apparently happened frequently and repeatedly whenever he was in New York City. Although Weinstein vehemently denies all of this, if these accusations prove true, it could be further damage to his already sinking ship.

To add insult to injury Rehal maintains that the workplace was full of sexist and sexual remarks, and that he would touch her thighs whenever she rode in his Lexus SUV.

Weinstein is facing down the barrel of 60 women, who allege sexual misconduct against the fallen movie titan.