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Words by Roman White

The NAACP has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for taking away the protections of more than 40,000 Haitian immigrants and giving them an 18 month timetable to leave the country. The legislation to remove Haitians from the United States was issued in November, but the NAACP’s lawsuit comes following President Trump’s recent comments that were leaked from a closed door meeting with members of congress where he referred to countries like El Salvador, Haiti, and several African Countries as sh*tholes.

The NAACP filed the lawsuit in a Maryland court on Wednesday, citing Trump’s “sh*thole” comments as racially motivated reasons to end protection status for Haitian immigrants. The NAACP also alleges that the current administration sought to find stereo-typical evidence about immigrants related to crime or taking advantage of social programs to justify their actions. Temporary Protected Status or TPS was continuously renewed by the Obama Administration for Haitians who were not just seeking refuge in the United States but were working in the country as well.



Trump’s reckless comments took place in the Oval Office in an attempt to address a new immigration bill that Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham put together as a proposal to fund Trump’s Border Wall, re-work the Visa Program and provide amnesty to DACA recipients. But Trump’s racially charged comments stalled any legislation and led to a three day shutdown of the government.

Not only did Trump refer to these majority Black nations as “sh*tholes” but he suggested that the U.S. should take in more immigrants from Norway, a predominantly white country. Pundits on the left have argued that being from Norway is not merit for immigrating to the United States in the same way that being from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa should not be disqualifying to immigrate to the U.S.

In November, the Trump administration moved to end the TPS for Haitians who came to the United States after the 2010 Earthquake that rocked the tiny island of Haiti. Haitians were relocated to the States because of the intense damage the country suffered from the 2010 earthquake, but Homeland Security as of now is moving forward with TPS repeal.