When The Source magazine was founded, Hip-Hop was still seen as a passing phase. Many did not consider that this musical movement would have longevity or amount to anything. However 30 years later, one would be hard pressed to watch television, pick up a book, engage in politics, academia or any space on this earth and not find a remnant of the culture. The music and its culture is not just something that one might only bob their head to… it is Black History.

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And we want to hear from you and see how the history of this culture affects you.


If you are a high school and college students, we are calling out to you to create an essay (editorial or video) about your favorite history moment in rap.

Identify a Hip-Hop Black History moment that inspires you to be great and you might win a scholarship prize of $1000. We will check for grammar, originality, substance and creativity. While you don’t need to purchase anything to enter, we encourage you to check out your past copies of the mag or go out and cop that new Power 30… a lot of history always between our pages.

Good Luck!