LeBron James and Stephen Curry have selected their All-Star teams under the NBA’s new format. No longer is the league pitting its best Western Conference players against the Eastern Conference. The players are creating their own lineups.

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NBA Dropped The Ball By Not Televising The Draft

The draft wasn’t televised, despite fan and player interest in doing so. The league intended to air the draft live, but the National Basketball Players Association pushed back on the idea.

LeBron and Kyrie Together Again

Despite their breakup, James had no issues taking Irving in the All-Star Game draft to set up a reunion. They’ll start together just like old times and their familiarity with each other will surely provide some benefit in the game. It will be fun to watch the two former teammates to go to work together and maybe even have a lob play of some kind.

“Kyrie was available on the draft board, he’s one of the best point guards we have in our league,” James said. “It was an easy choice for me.”

LeBron Drafted Kevin Durant First Overall

Even If LeBron wouldn’t admit it, he clearly drafted Kevin Durant first overall. Not only is he considered one of the best players in the league, but picking Durant also prevented Stephen Curry, the other team captain, from making sure he and his Warriors’ teammate remained on the same team.