Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu 

Last month, Nelly claimed that he was going to file a countersuit against the woman who accused him of rape and on Friday Nelly made good on his statement. TMZ reported that Nelly filed his countersuit and that allegedly the accuser initiated the sexual encounter by coming onto him first before lying and getting him arrested.

Nelly’s countersuit states that the accuser Monique Greene found her way into his VIP section in the nightclub where he performed and started coming onto him hard. Nelly then invited her to join him and other people on his tour bus. He then says that they had consensual sex on the tour bus and that the reason that Greene is mad is because one of his performers who is a back up dancer entered the room to use the bathroom. It was at this point that he told police that her behavior turned aggressive and disruptive and she was asked to leave. Greene then got an uber and then called the police to report the incident as rape, which eventually led to Nelly’s arrest.


Following the incident, Greene went online to make statements accusing him of rape in which he said was a clear attempt to get him prosecuted.

Nelly’s countersuit also states that her claim cost him a lot of money with cancelled shows and it negatively affected his image in the music industry. Time will tell what truth will unfold in this case.