Two of Suge Knight’s former attorneys Matthew Fletcher and Thaddeus Culpepper who represented his murder case have recently been arrested. The L.A. Times reported that they have been arrested on felony charges for acting as accessories to murder “after the fact.” Fletcher’s bail is also set at $1 million according to the LA County Sheriff Department.

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In addition, there is no verification of a connection to Suge Knight’s particular case from the L.A. County Sheriff Department as the spokesperson, Nicole Nilshida, refused to make a statement. However, the agency that arrested Culpepper is cited to be the “LASD-HOMICIDE BUREAU HMP7.” Prosecutors believed last August that Fletcher and Culpepper allegedly “tampered with witnesses and discussed bribes in connection with his murder case but the allegations were put down by both Fletcher and Culpepper.

Knight’s case is surrounding a fatal hit and run in which he has pleaded not guilty. Earlier in the month, Knight accused the prosecutors of listening in on his conversations with his legal team which led to him filing a motion that all his court orders be thrown out which was then refused. His case was scheduled for January 8th but the case has again been delayed for reasons to be seen.