Words by Comfort Nnana Kalu

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Monique has been trying to spark a movement by speaking out on gender and wage equality, detailing her experience with Netflix, asking fans to boycott the service. Her movement received mixed reviews. While many could get behind her movement of gender and wage equality, many were hesitant on completely boycotting Netflix. Now, in the same wave, Monique has attempted to check Roland Martin on his contributions in aiding women in entertainment and the exchange did not go well for Monique.

In a series of tweets that have now been deleted, Monique wrote to Martin about how she was going to go to the press to bring attention to her movement, and then she asked why Martin he has not been aiding women in this journey for wage equality.


He immediately jumped in with a response and receipts.

“Mo’Nique, the fact that you are even asking the question about what I have done to fight for equality and sisters shows you don’t know. I don’t talk about it. I DO IT. Have done it my whole career. I don’t need to talk. I put in the work. ANYONE who watched my @tvone shows #WashingtonWatch and #NewsOneNow know that. They know who I put on as guests; panelists; even guest hosts. You don’t want to go there with me. But again, Mo’Nique you really need to address the email @JawnMurray read that he said was from @willpowerpacker to your husband. That is damning. It spoke of how you mistreated the crew, men and women. Either you did or you didn’t. Speak to that.”

Martin wrote clearly and respectfully as he came with receipts and pointedly flipped the conversation to discuss producers who have had a hard time working with Mo’Nique, and her general mistreatment of others. Martin had time for Monique, but maybe next time she’ll think twice before hitting the Twitter streets with accusations.