When Issa Rae stepped up to Variety’s mic at the 2017 Emmy Awards’ red carpet, she declared “I’m rooting for everybody black.”

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Her honest but rather powerful words was the spark which ignited the fierce spirit of entrepreneurship within two black men.


Coupled with the spirit of Hip Hop– Stanley Davis and Dayquan McCall decided to start a clothing line.

The Carter Brand has already become a favorite of Charlamagne Tha God. He showed off his new jacket, which cements Issa’s words into fashion. He commended his friend Stan. Also suggesting Issa deserves a cut of the business.

We spoke with Mr. Davis. During our conversation he offered insight into what drives The Carter Brand:

“Sounds cliche but we’re inspired by the Hip Hop culture. Particularly moments that capture emotion,  that speak to the masses of our people.”We try to capture those feelings that bring us closer together and display them in fashion form. Conversation and compliment pieces are what we’re about.”

The power of words is incredible. Who would’ve thought a black woman’s honesty would propel two black men to experience success in fashion. Also becoming part of their best selling design. Stan and The Carter Brand have spoken highly of her honesty:

“Issa had a moment that perfectly worded a feeling we all have and have had for a while now. No one [has] said it better.”

Then, we asked Stan: Why is your brand needed in urban fashion? Speaking from the roots of their inspiration, he offered an artful perspective, while also embracing higher thought and conscious:

“It’s similar to hip-hop, where we need different genres to suit our current mood or situation.  Sometimes you need r&b, sometimes you need trap and other times you need something conscious. We fall into the conscious rapper category of fashion which is in dire need of flow” 

Offering an assortment of: bags, hats, hoodies, jackets, patches, sweatshirts & T-shirts, there is something for everyone.  Charlamagne’s business and promotion has introduced The Carter Brand to stars like: Diddy ,Groovy Lu, Cassie, Major and Rapsody.

The most popular jacket retails for $95-115 depending on your size. As we wrapped up, we asked Stan what he would say to Issa:

“Yes we have your cut– We’d love to get you in a jacket and some other product because you were the inspiration. It’d be a dream come true to collab and donate proceeds to organizations with boots on the ground in neighborhoods where are people live. Your message combined with our merchandise can truly benefit the masses that are at home Rooting for the few of us that the media shows in a positive light.”