Queensbridge legends Onyx are back on the scene and teaming up with Brooklyn bred lyricist Skyzoo for the release of their new single, “I’ma F*ckin Rockstar.”

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The collaboration, which serves as the first single off of their upcoming return Black Rock, features a new sound that interpolates Onyx’s intense hardcore vocals, booming drums, and heavy guitar riffs to create the most aggressive release of the group’s career. Co-frontman Fredro Starr explains that the infusion pays homage to they sound the group grew up on.

“We came in with Run-DMC and Onyx are the new kings of rock” Fredro exclaims. “The inspiration for Black Rock came from the song (title track) we did for the revolutionary Judgment Night Soundtrack. Its Hip-Hop meets Rock and Roll, boom bap and guitars; but what people don’t expect to hear from us is what makes this album so dope.”


The album which is light on mainstream features definitely utilizes an eclectic use of Rock and Hip-Hop that ironically gives you the classic Onyx sound that left all the fans slamming when their debut Bacdafucup dropped.

Black Rock drops February 6, and you can preorder your copy here.

Check out the new single and tracklisting below.

Track Listing and Credits for Onyx’s Black Rock Album:

  1. ‘Onyx!!’
  2. ‘Black Rock’ feat. DJ Nelson
  3. ‘What U Want From Me’
  4. ‘Blinded By The Light’ feat. Optimus
  5. I’ma Fuckin Rockstar’ feat. Skyzoo
  6. ‘Lighters Intro’
  7. ‘Lighters’
  8. ‘Greatest Day’ feat. Optimus
  9. ‘O.D.’ feat. R.A. The Rugged Man
  10. ‘Love Is A Gun’
  11. ‘Point Em Out’
  12. ‘Chasing The Devil’ feat. Optimus, Sickflow, Snak The Ripper