Goodz vs Jimz: Many people are calling this the swag battle of the year. On February 3, fans will pack into Club Drom to watch the two MC’s face off on RBE (Rare Breed Entertainment) platform. After three rounds, once the chatter settles, there can only be one winner.

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Jimz is eager to prove the Bronx veteran has been ducking him for the last four years. We recently caught up with Goodz to get his perspective on the battle and his opponent.

For the record, Goodz is a ten year veteran of the battle rap game who feels veteran status does not come easy. In his eyes:


“When you’re a vet, the years matter because over time, you learn the tools the trade: It’s like the art of war. I had to learn what to do, how to do it and when to do it”

Nicknamed “Da Animal,” Goodz has been known to lyrically tear opponents apart. All while calmly sipping a cup of Henny, sometimes with his pinky up. No matter the opponent, he always maintains his sense of calm: “I never try to keep up with what’s “hot,” I learned to stay in my own lane and perfect what I do best,” he added.

We asked did he think Jimz has swag? Based on his answer, the battle of swag favors himself. Simply responding, “no.” When asked to explain–“When you say things over and over, it becomes believable.” he said. “Outside of good voice projection, I don’t see much else,” he added.

Jimz has built a name for himself outside of his work as an MC. Expanding into the realm of Battle Rap vloging. Goodz thinks Jimz is rather entertaining as a vlogger. In fact, Goodz says, “he should stop rapping and just vlog”

All things considered, Goodz says he decided to take this battle because Jimz has been wanting to battle him for four years, subsequently expressing his desires through disrespect. Goodz is not one to respond to disrespect.  So, after Jimz changed his approach and Goodz felt his perspective opponent had built a credible resume, the challenge was accepted.

He waited 4 years for this, I want to hear some shit.” Goodz concluded.