Tomorrow (Feb. 2) Rihanna will be visiting the country of Senegal to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss children’s education honoring her position as being a Global Partnership for Education ambassador.

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According to vocally French African publication Jeune Afrique, “No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality,” a collective of near 30 Senegalese religious groups expressed their discernment for the pop princess’ visit to their country. According to the religious posse, the famed Bajan singer is not welcome into their country due to her rumored association with the Illuminati, which they view as an actual fact. The Illuminati is known to be an assembly of global elites who scheme tactics to achieve a New World Order, thus projecting a universal power war.

“No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality” proclaim Rihanna frequents the use of Masonic symbols, avidly representing the vile association.


The allegations have been promptly dismissed by the Senegalese associates of Riri in both the past and present.

Global Partnership for Education strives to assist schools in developing countries with potent funding to help millions of children with a secure education experience.

Just last year, the Grammy award-winning singer traveled to Malawi and donated bicycles to young schoolgirls giving them the chance to get to school safe and sound, daily.