Today marks the the first day of black history month. Sadly, racist rage-fueled attacks still occur. Even in 2018, we are still reflecting on the rage of racism which killed 14-year old Emmet Till in 1955. Meanwhile, The family of 26-year old DaShawn Horne prays his life won’t be a casualty of racism.

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According to the Seattle Times, investigators say Horne is the victim of a hate crime. A savage crime committed by Julian Tuimauga, the 18-year old brother of a woman DaShawn spent the the night with after an eve off clubbing.  Tuimauga is due to to face justice. Charged with first-degree assault and malicious harassment, he currently sitting in King County Jail with bail set at $500,000.

Still in disbelief. the Horne family tries to piece together the incident which put their relative in Harborview Medical Center. There since Jan. 20. According to the family: DaShawn’s night began on  Jan. 19, with a day off from his job as a mail carrier. Ultimately deciding to enjoy a night out.


After not getting into his first choice clubs, he settled on another club near the Pioneer Square area. Here, the victim’s mother says he met woman, the woman later invited Horne to come home with her.

The next morning, the woman called a Lyft for Horne. Upon the driver’s arrival they witnessed the savage crime. The following is based on the families account of the criminal charge papers:

Tuimauga was carrying an aluminum baseball bat when he approached the Lyft driver and asked who the driver was there to pick up. The driver gave Tuimauga’s sister’s name as the person who had requested the ride, then watched as Tuimauga walked to a corner of the fenced yard.

A short time later, the driver saw Horne walk along the side of the house toward the driveway and heard him argue with Tuimauga, the charges say. He “then heard a thump sound like a bat had struck something,”

The heinous crime continued as the victim was struck repeatedly. Fortunately part of the incident was captured on a neighbors surveillance camera, as Horne “fell into” frame. However charge papers further detail the sheer brutality of the crime. As they victim laid lifeless, Tuimauga pulled out a cell-phone and commenced to recording the bloodied man while screaming racial slurs.

He later told authorities he was “in a rage” because he believed Horne and his sister had sex. At Harborview, doctors removed parts of Horne’s skull to relieve swelling in his brain.

In 2018 racism still plagues our society. Just as Mamie Till chose to let her son be seen, The family elected to let the victim  be photographed in in his hospital bed.

To show the world: racism is real and so we all will see what a hate crime looks like.