The Denver Nuggets beat the Oklahoma City Thunder on a game-winning three-point shot by Gary Harris at the buzzer, 127-124.

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Moments after the game, Russell Westbrook came face to face with a Denver fan who somehow made his way onto the court without security stopping him.

Thankfully, the confrontation amounted to nothing more than Westbrook lightly shoving him before security arrived. As TNT’s Reggie Miller said, the floor invader was lucky that’s all he got.


Westbrook told reporters he felt he needed to shove the fan out of the way to protect himself.

“You play the game and you want the fans obviously to enjoy the game, but you can’t come on the floor, it’s totally unacceptable,” Westbrook told reporters after the game.

The NBA will review the incident, ESPN reported early Friday. Westbrook could face a suspension or a fine. Can’t really blame Russell for reacting the way he did. Fans shouldn’t be take close to the players and security should have done a better.