Bronx Battle Rapper Goodz got into an altercation in his battle with Jimz. Rare Breed Entertainment hosted their “Lift His Soul 4” event on Saturday at Club Drom in Manhattan. The footage was reposted on Instagram of Goodz landing a punch on Jimz following what was said to be a bar about Goodz’ daughter. The GMB rapper didn’t take kindly to his child being mentioned and swung on Jimz causing a brawl in the venue.

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Goodz lands the first punch and Jimz fires back before the entourages get involved. The second video which was posted by Gabos media on Instagram, shows mostly Goodz entourage scoring most of the blows as you just see different attendees falling off the stage from pushes and punches. Toward the end of the video, Goodz wearing a green hooded sweatshirt is seen screaming across the venue as he’s being held back by security.

Goodz screams about his daughter being mentioned and then tells Jimz to, “meet him outside” to settle the issue. There is no footage or word of an altercation continuing outside the venue, but following the incident Goodz took to Twitter to address the situation.


“Listen yall it was just a scuffle,” said Goodz after getting a series of mentions about the fight. “After watching it I do feel like I took what he said the wrong way… just was in the heat of the moment.. I apologize for the whole situation.”

Goodz goes on to admit that he acted off his emotions and owned up to his mistake. Goodz later retweeted a post from a fan asking for Jimz and Goodz to work out their beef. Jimz has yet to respond to the incident on social media.

Charlie Clips, DNA, John John Da Don, and Showoff were some of the other names on the card who’s battles were prior to the altercation.


Goodz 3-0 Jimz #RBE

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Goodz Vs Jimz pt2 #Rbe #goodzdaanimal

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