According to a recent Instagram post, 6ix9nine has aligned himself with a big team. A team headed by Birdman. The pair posed with known Rich Gang associate, Young Thug. The caption has implications of a hefty bag worth $15 million. To make the deal sweeter, he hinted at a February 23 release date. Yet, we have no further details as to what this day brings.

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He did hit the stage at a local nightclub to perform is booming hit “Gummo.” However, the show stopped as buckets of ice and bottles littered the stage.  Luckily, his associates pulled him back from the raining ice and glass.

Still, the rainbow haired, red bandana-wearing MC appeared unfazed as he took to Instagram to let fans know he was doing quite well: “STILL UNTOUCHED TALKIN MY SHIT YALL HATE IT —- TALK OF THE CITY LOL,” although the video has since been deleted. Birdman shared the same picture from February 3.


We have yet to see substantial evidence confirming a deal. In an earlier Instagram post, he claimed to have signed a deal $7.5 million dollar deal with the illuminati.

The 21- year old MC regularly uses social media to invite foes to “come test his gangsta.” Other footage from the Minnesota weekend has surfaced, which shows the proud red representative suddenly retreating as a group of men, “test his gangsta.”

Tekashi did attempt to put Casonova 2X to the test, a while back but Casonova held his ground. Despite 6ix9nine’s antics, this could help keep eyes on him considering we want to know what we will receive on February 23. Still, the young MC should consider deep thought on the violence he invites. As the breadwinner of his family, people are counting on him,

Most importantly, with Lil Wayne still awaiting payment, how much of this $15 million is guaranteed?