West Coast Battle Rapper Daylyt debuted a new tattoo on Instagram Tuesday. Showing some real Los Angeles to New York appreciation, the tattoo which was inked on the rapper’s left forearm, is of Brooklyn lyricist and Pro Era rapper, Capital Steez, who died of an apparent suicide on Christmas Eve in 2012. Daylyt captioned the picture saying, “They tried to erase u bro but I will make sure the world remember u for forever …. Capital!!!!” Steez was 19 years old when he died.

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Daylyt, a gifted lyricist himself, is for the first time publicly acknowledging his appreciation for Capital Steez who passed away just as Pro Era took over the New York City underground scene. Daylyt has no personal connection to the rapper, as far as we know, so it seems as though Lyt just wanted to pay homage to fallen Hip-Hop lyricist who had a promising trajectory.


Aside from Joey Badass, Steez was considered one of the most deadly lyricists in the crew, going bar for bar with the 1999 rapper on the track “Survival Tactics.” King Capital’s death weighed heavy on the Pro Era crew especially Joey Badass, and later sparked the creation of “Steez Day,” an annual festival hosted by Pro Era. Each year, Joey Badass and the other Beast Coast MC’s book hip-hop’s biggest talent to perform for the fans in celebration of the lyrically gifted, and socially conscious Steez.

The ‘Vibe Ratings’ released his solo mixtape Amerikkkan Korruption in 2012 the same year as his death. The project gave fans ‘Free the Robots’ which has over 8 million views on the Pro Era YouTube channel. Steez’s Posthumous album, ‘King Capital’ is slated to be released this year. The album was originally going to be released on the anniversary of Steez’s passing, but the album was pushed back to a currently unknown date.