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Cable is ready for his on screen debut

Deadpool 2 has debuted the first footage of Josh Brolin in character as the mutant via the actor’s Instagram account.

Brolin previously documented his physical transformation to play Cable through social media posts showing off his gym routine.


The clip, titled “Deadpool, Meet Cable,” starts off with a close-up of Cable’s cybernetic eye. As the camera zooms out, Cable starts to kick some ass while his voice is overheard.

As to be expected, the new trailer has its quirks as Deadpool pauses footage of Cable to play with miniature action figures while he waits for his metal arm to be complete in effects, simultaneously poking fun at Justice League for digitally removing Henry Cavill‘s mustache.

In addition to Reynolds in the titular role and Brolin as Cable, Morena Baccarin returns as Vanessa, TJ Miller as Weasel and Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the David Leitch-directed film.

Fox is releasing Deadpool 2 on May 18, two weeks after Brolin can be seen as bad guy Thanos in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War.