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The Philadelphia Eagles represent the city of brotherly love. However, they want Donald Trump to know they have no love for him and his cabinet. In fact, they went into full savage mode, via Twitter.

Trump thought he would appease the high flying Eagles nation by congratulating them “on a great Super Bowl victory!” on Twitter.

The Eagles responded by telling the outspoken president: “go fuck yourself.” We can now assume Trump will rescind the usual Super Bowl Champion invite to the white house.


Based on the response from the verified Eagles account, its safe to say Trump felt like Snoop Dogg at the 1995 Source Awards: When he realized the east coast had no love him, Dr.Dre or Death Row.

Philadelphia has always maintained a gritty attitude across all sports teams and the gritty spirit is personified in their music.

Maybe the Eagles were channeling their inner Beanie Sigel. Perhaps, they felt like A.I. as he knocked down the corner three, before stepping over Tyronn Lue.

After walking onto the field, to the sounds of Meek Mill‘s “Dreams & Nightmares” and leaving as champions:

Every member of the organization can feel like they are part of the Dream Chasers. We are almost certain no Eagles fan will object to their home team being honest.

In addition, Trump regularly uses Twitter to express his honest opinions, regardless of who is offended by his statements. Therefore, he should have no issues when others give him their honest opinions. Even so, he will probably respond to the Eagles publicly. Trump is always willing to address his opinions of the NFL.

Despite the larger issues of America and a looming government shutdown, expect to hear something about those “disrespectful” Philadelphia Eagles soon.

Nonetheless, we salute the Eagles for bringing a championship back to the city of brotherly love.