Will Smith and the bond he has with his son, Jaden, has always been #Goals for any father-son relationship. The two of them have done late night talk shows together, shot movies together including Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth and besides that, just have a good time together.

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Now that Jaden’s music career has begun to take off with the success of his latest album SYRE, Jaden’s father in classic Will Smith fashion (and with entirely too much time on his hands), created a spoof to the music video for the single, “Icon.” In the same scene and matching attire to what Jaden wore in the original video, we see the “Suicide Squad” actor mimic his sons actions in the video. The camera then pans down to Will’s footwear to which he’s seen wearing house slippers which he moon walks out of to the original track.


The hilarious one minute spoof was created to congratulate Jaden on earning 100 million streams with his music. The Fresh Prince has always been expressive about how proud he is of Jaden for his accomplishments. Besides acting, the Younger Smith has truly taken on a career in rap music where his father also got his start and has made some noteworthy music.

The “Lost Boy” rapper released his 17-track debut album, SYRE, back in November and impressed many fans with the quality of the music. The album debuted at number 24 on the Billboard 200, and  Jaden’s single, Icon, has earned 42 million YouTube views.

The Tesla driving, eco-friendly 19-year-old has also become a prominent figure in the environmental community and was honored for his efforts at the Environmental Media Awards. The “Karate Kid” actor has not given up on acting to pursue his music career. He was starring in the Netflix series, “The Get Down” before it was cancelled in 2017.