According to Sports IllustratedShot in the Dark, directed by Dustin Nakao Haider, and executively produced by Chicago natives Chance the Rapper and Dwyane Wade, is a documentary about Chicago high school, Orr Academy High School.

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In 2014, former basketball star Tyquone Greer, scored a three-point game winning shot, that sent the Orr Academy basketball team to the final four. Greer arrived at the gym on crutches and barely played, until he miraculously scored the winning shot during the final seconds. A week prior to the game, Greer was shot in the calf at a house party.

In a press release, Dwyane Wade said,


“Basketball empowered me to overcome the challenges of growing up on the south side of Chicago. The odds were stacked against me, and the game changed the course of my life. It’s important to share these true stories of triumph to inspire the next generation to achieve their dreams when faced with life’s obstacles.”

Chance the Rapper also added,

“Shot in the Dark is an authentic and realistic look at high school sports in Chicago and what it means for our youth. It’s not really a game for some of us.”

For Dustin Nakao Haider, director of Shot in the Dark, the documentary is a chance to showcase a trial to triumph story. He told Chicago Magazine,

“I was seeing so much negative media surrounding Chicago, and I knew there were some other stories to be told.”

Shot in the Dark premieres February 24 on Fox.