Words by Jasmine Johnson

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Atlanta native, J.I.D. pays a tribute to the Cartoon Network show “EdEddnEddy.” With exceptional lyricism, it comes as a surprise that the Dreamville artist was slept-on with his latest project The Never Story. He drops the visual to “EdEddnEddy,” which was supposed to premiere on Adult Swim.

Him, Spillage Village and Earthgang will be going on their second tour leg, Never Had Sh!t Tour, that has started on February 1 in Seattle with their sold out show and will end on March 10 in Vancouver, BC.


“We wanted to do something special for this release because this show meant a lot to me growing up,” J.I.D explains. “We recreated this cartoon and made it for my people, in the month of February, on some history type shit and partnered with a major TV network for release, but legal shit took over the vision of the art. All type of lawyers had to clear shit which would have taken forever so f*** it, we can create this moment without ‘em for now.”