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Yesterday made a full year since Jim Jones became an official artist under the Roc Nation empire. In honor of his year anniversary, Jim Jones took to Instagram to express his gratitude to his label for being patient with him throughout his creative process and for providing the support that’s necessary to get this project off the ground.

Being very transparent as to what this year has looked like for him, Jones explained he’s been through five albums worth of songs and three different album directions to finally get it right and produce something he’s proud to give to his fans. Jones confirmed March 9th as the release date for his upcoming album to be titled Wasted Talent.

As far as the title, Wasted Talent, Jones understands that people are fortunate to either make the best out of adversity and prevail or learn a lesson from it and pass on the wisdom to inspire others in which he plans to paint a vivid picture of the value in life for all of his listeners.

More than just a significant message he’s trying to get across through the music, Jones has took it a step further and decided to transform that same message into a docuseries. Jim Jones is looking for individuals who feel as if they may have ‘wasted’ their big opportunity in life. Whether you went to prison, sacrificed your dreams for someone else, or made a huge mistake that changed your life forever – Jim Jones wants to hear about it.


“Maybe someone who’s been through what you been through will hear your story and give you the tools to get out of your situation,” said Jones. “Or, [they’ll] help you have a different outlook on what you’re going through.”

Jones is looking for individuals who have inspiring stories of both failure and/or success who faced significant obstacles such as, but not limited to, poverty, disability, homelessness, incarceration, or abuse. The opportunity isn’t just for inspiring music artists either, but for those who have big dreams of all areas are encouraged to apply and will be selected by Jim Jones himself to be featured on his upcoming docuseries, Wasted Talent.

Check out the information below for submission details.