University of Texas basketball player, Andrew Jones, posted a video of himself getting some shots in from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. The Longhorns’ star guard was diagnosed with Leukemia in January, and hasn’t played a game since their Jan. 1 win over Iowa State 74-70. Jones had 8 points in 11 minutes of play, and was leading his team in scoring on the season with 15.3 points per game.

Jones posted the video Wednesday evening, and it didn’t take long for the sports media outlets to pick up on it, leading to massive support for the young athlete. An hour after the video was posted, Jones said in a tweet, “I have to be active, I can’t stay in one spot all day.”

The 6 ft. 4 ball player was originally sidelined with a wrist fracture. Following the injury, Jones complained of always feeling tired, which led to his leukemia diagnosis that sparked an outpouring of prayers and support across the league. On February 3, the family of the athlete released a statement to give an update on Jones’ condition.

“We do want everyone to know that in the last two weeks, Andrew has made some positive strides,” the family of the former McDonald’s All-American said in a statement. “He’s even been able to get out of bed and move around some, which is a huge difference from when he was first diagnosed in Austin.”

The University of Texas also set up a fundraiser that has reportedly raised over $150,000 to help pay for his treatment.

With the D1 baller now shooting some hoops from the hospital, fans and supporters are hopeful that Jones will one day soon be able to get back on the court and compete with his Big 12 conference teammates.