Just last week, the rap group released the martial arts inspired music video for the single, but they are back with another treat.

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In partnership with BuzzFeed Tasty, a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching viewers step-by-step instructions on how cook dishes such as desserts and appetizers, Migos are cheffin’ it up and cooking stir fry to their latest hit single of the same name, “Stir Fry,” from their third studio album, Culture II.

In the colorful, creative video, the trio show off their fly jewelry and cooking skills, chopping up onions, peppers, and various vegetables. They whip up sauces, add chicken, bacon, and eggs to the mix, and even channel their inner “Salt Bae” with sprinkles of salt. At the end of the Tasty video, Migos add their completed stir fry dish to Culture II printed takeout boxes.


Ashley McCollum, General Manager of Tasty, told Billboard in an exclusive interview,

“Music is a huge part of the cooking and kitchen experience, so while Migos and Tasty may sound like an unexpected collaboration, it really is the perfect fit.”

Watch the video below.