Philadephia Eagles fans traveled far and near to celebrate with the 2018 Super Bowl Champions, Thursday afternoon. The City of Brotherly Love attracted over 3.5 million, who flooded the action packed streets of downtown Philly. Similar to last Sunday night, there were fans on light poles, the city’s garbage trucks and any 20 foot or above object you could imagine. It was an enjoyment like no other.

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The highlight of the parade came from All-Pro Center, Jason Kelce, who delivered an inspiration message about the mentality the team embodied from training camp, the football immortality.


“Hunger dogs, want it more,” said Kelce. They embraced the underdog role all throughout the playoffs, to a point where they physically wore it. The German Shepard dog masks became popular amongst fans after the Divisional playoff win against Atlanta.

Underdogs are extremely popular in the Liberty Bell City.

Rocky Balboa is a renowned figure in Philly, based on the fictional story, starring Sylvester Stallone. In the first of many movies, he is the underdog. It is his hunger, passion and will that leads him to defeat his opponent and his statue stands tall in downtown. The city of Philadelphia starved for a Super Bowl and now cement their place in NFL history.