Seems like President Donald Trump‘s supporters are all falling from grace slowly, but surely.

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Tim Nolan was once riding high as a top-ranking judge and Donald Trump’s campaign manager in Kentucky, but now he is headed to prison for the next 20 years after being convicted on several counts of child sex trafficking.


The 70-year-old former judge was arrested in April, and was later indicted on 28 felony counts and a pair of misdemeanor charges. As part of a plea agreement, Nolan pleaded guilty to 21 of those charges, which involved 19 victims. He’s also required to pay a $110,000 fine — the bulk of which will be donated to the Human Trafficking Victims fund established by state Lawmakers in 2013.

Nolan’s indictment rattled his small Kentucky community, where he worked as a district judge until 1985. He was well-known in Campbell County as an outspoken member of the Tea Party and enthusiastic Trump backer.

Nolan is not the first former Donald Trump campaign manager to get in trouble for child sex charges. Late last year, former Oklahoma campaign chair Ralph Shortey pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking after he was caught in a hotel room with an underage boy.