Russian rapper Oxxxymiron has taken the battle rap world by storm over the last four years. He has amassed more battle views than anyone else on the planet with over 120 million views and five of his battles have reached over 10 million views each. Oxxxymiron came to the increased international exposure through his recent battle vs. Dizaster in LA at King Of The Dot’s recent World Domination VII event that has so far attracted 10.5 million views. Oxxxymiron has the most total views, most viewed single battle on multiple leagues, most views per battle as well as amassing the most views in one day for a battle – with the final record at a staggering 9 million news views on one new battle.

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Oxxxymiron was born in Saint Petersburg, USSR in 1985 before moving to Germany and then to England in his mid-teens. He went on to impressively graduate from the prestigious Oxford University with a degree in Middle English Literature before focussing on his music career. His unique musical style has been widely described as a mix of hardcore hip-hop / conscious hip-hop with elements of both Grime and Dub-Step, with the talented emcee predominately rapping in Russian but is also a fluent English and German speaker.

Oxxxymiron has been battling/recording/touring consistently for the last decade and has released two successful, critically acclaimed albums Eternal Jew and Gorgorod that charted heavily in Russia. He is also an actor, Reebok spokesperson, touring company promoter and has toured in his own right throughout Russia and beyond, with some of his arena shows attracting upwards of 22,000 fans.


In the Russian rap battle league versusbattlesru, Oxxxymiron has four of the top six most viewed battles. He has individual battles with 42.2 million, 30.9 million, 20.7 million and 12 million and has amassed more than 110 million views himself on versusbattlesru alone. This is significantly more than the most viewed battles across the big leagues in American and throughout the English-speaking world.

In comparison, the highest viewed battle on SMACK/URL is Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe currently sitting at 5 million and released 5 years ago. This looks likely to be eclipsed soon by the Tsu Surf vs. Hitman Holla battle on SMACK/URL which is only 88,000 views behind and was released over two years more recently or the Tsu Surf + Tay Roc vs. K Shine + DNA 2 on 2 battle what has released more recently and has amassed significant views already of 3.73 million.

In comparison, the more internationalised King Of The Dot platform has the Conceited vs. Dumfounded battle sitting at 7.6 million views, the hour-long Drake co-hosted Dizaster vs. DNA at 4.75 million. The UK’s Don’t Flop Entertainment amassed 10.7 million clicks off the memorable Shotty Horroh vs. Arsonal battle in 2012, which still remains the most viewed battle in English released yet – but it seems Oxxxymiron is likely to claim that record too in the coming weeks.