While the Floyd Mayweather is out here taking jabs at a possible MMA bout with Conor McGregor,  50 cents is out here taking jabs at Floyd’s taste in clothing.

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It was earlier this month that Floyd was in attendance at a matchup between the Minnesota Timberwolves and New Orleans Pelicans where he decided to rock an unconventional tonal getup. Pairing tan on tan, the outfit was finished off with a pair of rider’s boots that seemed to set this whole thing in motion.

On Saturday, 50 Cent decided to post a picture snapped of his friend at the game on his Instagram with a caption reading, “Champ I love you to death but where the f*ck was you going in this outfit LOL.


While it’s all fun and games,  we have to wonder if this all for comic relief and all for fun. Floyd got Conor on the mind so it might be a while before we ever get a response from the champ.