Battle Rapper Bigg K is making his long awaited return to the Ultimate Rap League for the Smack Volume 2 event in March.

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His surprise return was announced on the Smack/URL YouTube channel early on Monday morning in the third announcement teaser for the event. Bigg K is scheduled to battle North Carolina rapper and rising URL star, T-Top.

The Norfolk, Virginia MC originally started his battle rap career with URL as a Proving Grounds artist, the Smack/URL outlet for new artists to build their brand in the battle arena. Bigg K became popular with fans of the culture with his two sensational battles with URL, but issues arose between Bigg K and league founding partner, Norbes causing a riff in the professional relationship. Bigg K alleges that Norbes (and essentially URL) wasn’t booking travel and lodging for events. Bigg K also told the Battle Rap Arena Show that he was never paid for any of his battles at URL which forced him to leave the situation.


Bigg K would go on to battle for a different platform, King of the Dot.  There at KOTD he built his resume by battling top tier battlers like Ill Will, Conceited, O-Red, and Cortez.

Although Bigg K seemingly had a good relationship with King of The Dot, Bigg K was not contracted to exclusively battle there.  His other home was Rare Breed Entertainment, where he recently took on John John Da Don at the Lift His Soul 4 event — a battle that has not yet been released. But still… KOTD and RBE (nor any of the other leagues where he has performed are comparable to the URL platform.)

And while Bigg K hasn’t revealed why he is stepping away from KOTD,  the former Proving Ground rapper’s return to URL after building his name abroad will be interesting.

Bigg K isn’t the only battle rapper making his return to the URL stage next month. As reported by The Source in January, legendary New Jersey battle rapper Arsonal Da Rebel is coming out of retirement and returning to the SMACK stage for a rematch against another legend, Hollow Da Don.

It seems that the success of the Smack Volume. 1 event is bringing out the best talent for the second installment. This event is different from a N.O.M.E. or Summer Madness in that it’s getting back to the small venues. The event can be streamed online, but for the live event you’ll need an invitation. URL is structuring this series to maintain smaller crowd sizes to give fans a nostalgic feeling of the Smack DVD days.

Volume 1 successfully brought URL’s elites to the small room with (who made his return and slayed) Iron Solomon who took on Rum Nitty, Chef Trez who went head-to-head with Chess and B-Magic battled Ave. On March 31, the names will get bigger for the pay per view Smack Volume 2 only on