Boston has a rich history, but sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

The Boston Police Department sent out a weird and awkward tweet honoring Black History Month.

The original post on the department’s official Twitter account Sunday was in honor of former Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach. The department tweeted that it was paying tribute to Auerbach for being the first NBA coach to draft a black player, start five African-American players, and hire the NBA’s first African-American head coach.


The tweet was deleted less than an hour after it was posted, and the department replaced it with a tweet that said: “Our intentions were never to offend.”

Twitter users quickly jumped on the police department, calling the tweet irresponsible and tone deaf. Former city councilor Tito Jackson was among those who used social media to criticize the tweet.

In 2018  you can’t be that insensitive and reckless with your message. The optics look awful and as if the Boston Police was trolling everyone.

Red Auerbach was a very progressive coach and executive for his time. He was the first to draft a black player, post an all-black starting five, and hired the first black head coach.   All of these things are great, but it’s Black History Month and he’s not black.