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After Martin Lawrence and his former co-stars Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold were spotted out together last week, many questions have been asked about a possible Martin reboot. When asked about the possibility, Lawrence responded saying, “Never say never.” Martin was one of the best representations  of black culture in the 90’s.

The 90’s is arguably the greatest era for the uplift of African-American culture, and its youth. The representation on television with shows such as Martin represented black love, black comedy, social conscious, fashion and friendship. A number of 90’s baby were introduced to Martin by an older person in their household and it served as a memory. As popular networks such as BET and MTV2 currently air the old episodes, the younger generation begin to become familiar with the characters.

With the ever-growing representation of African-Americans making a huge splash in cinema and television, Martin would be a great addition. Why not? Of course, the same characters would have to be revamped, along with new characters as well. Also, the passing of Thomas “Tommy” Ford, would have to be well scripted to represent his legacy as one of the great characters in the show.


In this day and age, the platforms have expanded with streaming services. When Carl Anthony Payne, who played Cole Brown, was asked about the reboot, he agreed that it was a great idea. With Netflix being the biggest platform for new movies and television series, it fit perfectly.

“I think there’s a lot of room to grow there. And it would be smarter and better and funnier,” stated Payne.

The show’s popularity was at an all-time high during its 5 year run from 1992-1997. We are all here for a Martin reboot and look forward to its possibility to pick up where it left off.