This past Friday, Chris Brown tweeted a tour idea and social media, blogs, and music fans took it and ran. “Just thinking…. A CRAZY WORLD TOUR would BEYONCE, RIHANNA, BRUNO MARS, CHRIS BROWN. “2 for 2”, said Chris Brown on Twitter. “And if y’all decide to do it without me… give me 10%.”

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After a weekend of pickup on this topic from different outlets, Complex’s Everyday Struggle caught wind and added their own commentary on Monday’s show. DJ Akademiks and Star generally disagree while Nadeska tends to be the more objective figure in the room, but in regard to this topic the trio seemed to all be in agreement that Chris Brown does not belong in the same class as the artists in his dream tour scenario.

“I don’t even know what kind of response he expected here,” said Nadeska in a preview of the Monday episode. “I don’t think Chris Brown realizes his career in comparison to the people he tweeted,” DJ Akademiks followed up with.


While the topic gets debated, Joyner Lucas is making his opinion heard in a post on Instagram.

“Are these niggaz on drugs?? Foh,” the ‘I’m Not A Racist’ Rapper posted on IG. “Breezy a legend and will always be relevant. He the closest thing to Michael Jackson we got. Period. @joebudden would of never co-signed no sorcery like this. Stop reaching & stop talkin bout charts when this nigga got 40 platinum plaques in 2017 alone. @chrisbrownofficial is the [G.O.A.T.]. Put some respek on my nigga name.”

Snoop Dogg jumped in on the comment section as well saying, “Who the Fuck are these cornballs to say C.B. ain’t worthy. Suck dick or die trying all 3 of y’all.”

While it is debatable if this tour could actually happen with artist schedules, music industry politics and the obvious history between Rihanna and Chris Brown and if fans of RiRi would actually come out to see her ‘Umbrella Remix’ collaborator — what’s not debatable is Chris Brown’s legacy in the music industry.

The 28-year-old has seen plenty of commercial success in his career spanning more than a decade. As Joyner mentioned, all 45 songs from Breezy’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon album went either Gold or Platinum in 2018.